Medical Care

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There is a small, fifteen-bed hospital (Kanakanak Hospital) located in Dillingham. Inpatient, Outpatient, Optometric, and Dental care are available. In addition, one private dentist practices in Dillingham and an orthodontist makes periodic visits to Dillingham.

In addition to the hospital in Dillingham, there are small local clinic facilities staffed by health paraprofessionals (equivalent to a licensed practical nurse) in all villages. Togiak has a larger clinic with a practitioner on staff.

Each employee is required to have a current physical signed by a certified physician before the first contracted work day. We encourage you to have all of your routine medical work done before you come. It is always wise to have back-up glasses and/or adequate amounts of solution or other contacts supplies on hand.

We strongly recommend that all necessary dental work be done prior to your move. Having a toothache in a village can be a miserable experience, especially if the weather is bad and no planes are able to fly.

The small stores have a limited supply of over the counter drugs. If you need special medications or prescription drugs that you cannot keep an extended supply of, have your physician communicate with the pharmacists at the Kanakanak Hospital, P.O. Box 130, Dillingham, AK 99576. The hospital does have a pharmacy.

Kanakanak Hospital         (907) 842-5201
Dillingham Dental Clinic   (907) 842-5214