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If you bring a pet, it will be necessary to keep it confined or tied. A stray or loose animal may be disposed of if it becomes a nuisance in the community. There is a pet deposit required with each animal. Owners are responsible for all damage the animal creates.

To ship a dog or cat you will need an airline approved carrier – available from the airlines or a pet store. Also, you will need valid rabies and parvo certificates for them. Don’t overlook distemper shots. There is no veterinarian in the Bristol Bay area, so injured or sick animals must be sent airfreight to Anchorage for medical attention. A vet does visit Dillingham and a few villages periodically.

Pet supplies and boarding may be obtained at Happy Tails in Dillingham. They may be contacted at (907) 842-3647. They are located out the “Lake Road” and are approximately 9 miles from the District Office in Dillingham.