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Because of our remoteness, there are no shopping malls, movie theaters or any other major entertainment centers. You may consider bringing some things such as:
               Art supplies                                                     books
               camera and film                                              collections
               fishing gear (ice fishing too)                           records, tapes, and cd’s
               cross country skis                                           ice skates
               rifles and/or shotguns                                     games
               sleeping bag & day pack (handy for district travel)
A favorite activity in many villages is snowmobiling and four wheeling. They are also useful as a means of transportation.

If you like to fish and/or hunt you will need a license. The State of Alaska requires twelve months of continuous residency to attain a resident license. There are additional fees for nonresidents who wish to hunt large game. Check with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Game Division, in Dillingham, (907) 842-5925 for more information.

Check your State regulations for leaving and Alaska for entering with firearms. Also check the TSA for regulations on the planes. If you are traveling through Canada, make sure you know the requirements before you travel.