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Travel arrangements to your school site should be made as soon as possible. Travel itineraries will be routed through Anchorage (Alaska’s largest city). Anchorage can be reached from "Outside" or "the Lower 48" by air and car. From Anchorage, you can reach Dillingham only by air. The school site in Aleknagik is located 25 miles from Dillingham and is accessed by road and either boat or snowmobile for the short distance to the other side of the lake. The remaining school sites are accessed only by air from Dillingham.

Teachers located in Aleknagik and Dillingham shall receive a $650 travel stipend.  Teachers located at the remaining school sites shall receive a $950 travel stipend. Taxes, if required, shall be withheld for this benefit at the time the stipend is issued.  The second working day of each school year will be set as the accrual date.  However, if a teacher fails to return to duty during his/her contract, the travel stipend will be forfeited by the teacher.  In the case of such forfeiture, the District will withhold the amount previously paid, from monies owed the teacher.  If no monies are owed the teacher at the time of forfeiture, the teacher will be responsible to make payment to the District within thirty (30) calendar days.

Airlines serving Dillingham are PenAir (, Ravn Alaska (, and Alaska Airlines ( Note: Purchasing a complete ticket from your current location to Dillingham is often cheaper through Alaska Airlines even though part of your travel may be on PenAir. PenAir is a travel partner with Alaska Airlines.

Airlines vary in the amount of allowable luggage. Normally you are allowed one pieces of baggage (50 lbs. or less) and one carry-on which must fit under your seat. Baggage allowance may be less on the smaller airlines. Check with your airline prior to departure. Charges for excess baggage can be high.

Travel from Dillingham to the villages is by local air taxi. Arrangements for travel to sites can be made from Dillingham. Be sure to tell them you are a new teacher arriving for the first time, and let them know how much baggage you will be transporting.
While the airports in each community are relatively close to housing, make sure that someone knows your itinerary and is waiting for you to arrive. You do not want to land at your new home and have to walk from the airport dragging your suitcases.

Local Airline Taxi’s
Alaska Island Air        (907) 842-5120
Bristol Bay Air            (907) 842-2227
Bush Hopper              (907) 843-1924
Coupchiak Air             (907) 843-1990
Grant Air                     (907) 842-2955
Mulchatna Air             (907) 842-4500
Shannon’s Air             (907) 842-2735
Tucker Air                   (907) 842-1023
True North                  (907) 843-9696
Van Air                        (907) 842-4985