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Migrant Family Night - January 2019

The first Manokotak Migrant Ed night of the 2018/2019 school year went exceptionally well with over 100 people attending. Students were engaged in fun-filled activities, including a mosaic parrot craft, heart-shaped box craft design, STEM car building activity, sight- word bingo, and STEM rocket building activity. These projects were all happening while live music live music was performed in the commons area with cookies.

The mosaic parrot craft was paired with the book The Parrot Tico Tango, a great story about a parrot. The students were engaged while listing to the story and learning lesson abut bettering themselves.

The heart shaped box also promoted love and sharing and focused on what truly matters in life, family. The group read the book, The Magical Love Box while designing.

In the STEM car building room, students used their imagination to create a car. The cars were powered by air. They were all different and zoomed throughout the school. The students also had an opportunity to create STEM Rockets. These rockets were powered by a pully system and were designed to fly. This activity was paired with the book On The Launch Pad. Student had an opportunity to engage with Science and literacy.

BINGO is always fun. Families were engaged and winning pizza as they were reading site-words.

Rob Powell entertained the group by playing music on his guitar as everyone snacked on cookies and enjoyed their night.

Students attending the Manokotak Migrant Education Night