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2018-2019 Alaska CTE Administrator of the Year - Jon Clouse

At the October state CTE conference, State & Federal Programs Director Jon Clouse received an award for being selected as the state Career & Technical Education Administrator of the year for the 2018-2019 school year.

The award speech was delivered by "Chief" Ivan Blunka School Assistant Principal Meghan Redmond, who said, “The dedication of this administrator is demonstrated by his work with Southwest Region School District with eighteen years of service.  He is as incredible as he is tall, at 6’6”, and devotes an exorbitant amount of time to make sure all students have access to career, technical, and educational opportunities. He encourages students and staff to embrace challenges, celebrate perseverance, and establish a passion for learning.  He has been instrumental in developing the Bristol Bay CTE program, that allows countless students the opportunity to explore careers and earn industry certifications. This collaborate work has also been a significant impact including graduation rates, dual credit and career opportunities to students.  His hard work and passion inspires natural passion and hard work among his colleagues. He actively develops quality relationship and connections. He is the rock star of our region. It is my honor to present the CTE Administrator of the Year award to Jon Clouse.”

Jon Clouse holds his award for ACTE Adminsitrator of the Year