• Housing

    Southwest Region Schools leases housing to its staff at school sites. The cost of this housing is regulated by negotiated agreement and specific costs can be found in the Teacher’s and Administrator’s Negotiated Agreements.

    District housing has basic furnishings, which typically includes couch, chairs, end tables, beds, dressers, and night-stands. Furnishings may very from unit to unit. You will need to provide bedding, linens, dishes, utensils, and desired small appliances including television sets. Please contact your principal for specific needs. District-owned housing units have plumbing and conventional electric service. Limited freezer space and washer and dryers are available.

    All villages receive television broadcasts—most limited to Alaska satellite broadcasts. If you have a small set that can be mailed, it might be a good idea to do so. It is not wise to ship a large set or buy a new one until you have checked out the local situation. Stores in Anchorage usually have sales on sets in early fall.

    Be sure to pack a radio as the region is served by KDLG, a public broadcasting station owned and operated by the Dillingham City School District. Also, some residents enjoy multi-band receivers which, when equipped with good antennas, make it possible to receive distant AM stations and international short wave broadcasts.