Mission Statement

  • The Southwest Region School District is committed to all students receiving an education that continuously affirms human diversity, that validates the history and culture of all ethnic groups, that is based on high expectation for academic success for every student, and that encourages students and parents’ active participation.

Values and Beliefs

    • We believe that education is built on a foundation of respect for human dignity and diversity.
    • We believe that different family and community values must be recognized and respected.
    • We believe that different cultural, language, and religious traditions must be recognized and respected.
    • We believe children must demonstrate honesty, self-sufficiency, initiative, and independent behavior in order to become responsible adults.
    • We believe children must learn to care for their own physical and mental health if they are to become happy, productive adults.
    • We believe children should have an awareness of different lifestyles and careers and the ability to adapt to change.
    • We believe it is the responsibility of all citizens of the community to work toward the improvement of their environment, their education, and their well-being.
    • We believe a well-qualified staff, sensitive to the culture of the community in which they work, is necessary to provide a quality education with high expectations for all children.

Desired Student Outcomes

    • Students demonstrate many forms of communication (e.g. reading, writing, and speaking in English, Yup’ik and other languages).
    • Students understand, accept and appreciate their own language and culture and the cultures of others.
    • Students demonstrate adaptability in living and working in diverse cultural environments.
    • Students learn and understand their rights and responsibilities and work together as members of a democratic society.
    • Students demonstrate honesty, respect, concern, and caring for themselves, their environment and others.
    • Students exhibit a positive attitude and self-initiative.
    • Students use a variety of ways to think and to reason when solving problems, and making thoughtful decisions.
    • Students demonstrate their awareness of their own strengths and skills and have self-confidence to take risks that will realize their potential as lifelong learners.
    • Students use technology for adapting to and initiating productive change.
    • Students demonstrate leisure, vocational and life skills.
    • Students demonstrate skills and attitudes that will enable them to achieve post high school education.