• The Curriculum & Instruction Department provides instructional support and guidance to all Southwest Region Schools educational programs.

    In kindergarten through the eighth grade, a standards-based curriculum, aligned with state and national standards is taught. Currently, the district is focusing on the process of teaching reading and the philosophy that all educators are literacy instructors. Most classrooms are multi-aged and all teachers are expected to design developmentally appropriate lessons and activities for students. Teachers are encouraged to team-teach and use a thematic approach to help students acquire the skills needed to meet state standards and benchmarks.

    Content area teachers are essential to the Southwest Region Schools secondary program because it allows the district to provide all high school students with maximum opportunities to learn from certified instructors, teaching primarily in their subject areas of expertise, using proven effective instructional and assessment methods, including consistent interdisciplinary integration and application of basic knowledge and skills in all classes. At present, the district employs certified content area specialists who teach a variety of standards-based courses related to Alaska Studies, Business Education, Fine Arts, Health/PE, Industrial Arts, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social Studies.